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2024/2025 Tennis geelong jUnior SUMMER SEASON


  • The Junior Summer season starts October 12th 2024 with Grand finals on March 22nd, 2025, and no play during the Summer break.

  • Matches are Saturday mornings, either at the Geelong Lawn or at a local club. 

  • Matches generally start at 8am, 9am or 10am and take 1.5-2 hours to complete.

  • Format is team of 4 to 6 players of similar level rotating on the roster with 4 players playing on a day; each round consists of 4 singles sets and 2 doubles sets. 

  • Two competitions are available: girls only sections and boys/mixed sections. Girls are normally automatically put in girls sections unless requested otherwise. 

  • Cost is $35 for the whole season as well as a current junior tennis membership. Fees have to be fully paid before the start of the season to be able to participate.

  • All players must have completed their competitive play profile (CPP) which consists of a Tennis Australia ID (an 11-digit number that starts with "66") and an activated UTR in order to play competition tennis. You will need your Tennis ID to fill the registration form. Simply follow the prompts on the following website: to complete it. Instructions on how to do so can also be found if you click here.


Registration deadline for the Winter season is Monday August 12th (Monday July 29th for Premier teams). Players who are not registered on time will only be able to register as emergency players. Note all players in the competition must be under the age of eighteen years as of May 1 2025 to be eligible to play the Summer season.


Players are grouped into teams of 4 to 6 players based on their grading with 4 or 6 players playing each week. 

Format: 4 players - each play 1 set of singles and 1 set of doubles. 

              5 players - 3 players play singles and doubles, 1 player play only singles and 1 player plays only doubles.

              6 players - 2 players play singles and doubles, 2 players play singles and 2 players play doubles only.   

Players who are entered in a team are expected to be available for most of the season however if you are away or unavailable sometimes, that is ok, your team will have extra players so you can organise a players' roster. It is not acceptable to pull out mid season unless you have a very good reason. 


Note this call is for green ball and yellow ball players only. Orange ball players are welcome to register via the below link but note the season is shorter for Orange Ball players. Full enrolment details for orange ball players will be published as soon as season dates are known.

NEW Players: If you have never played in the Tennis Geelong competition, just give us an indication of your abilities on the registration form and we will contact you to organise a grading session or will liaise with your GLTC coach. If you have been playing or have played in the past, we look at your match centre stats to place you in the most appropriate section.  


During your registration, you can request to play with friends. We try to keep friends together whenever possible however this will depend on grading and numbers of players within each grade. 


Please check that the email address entered on the registration form is correct otherwise you might miss out on season updates.

Registration will open shortly

junior development series

The Junior development events are the perfect one-day event for players looking to take their first step into tennis tournaments in a more relaxed environment or for players looking to get valuable match play to improve their games!

The Geelong Lawn Tennis Club hosts Junior Community Events each month from February to December for boys and girls under 18 years with round robin groups based on players' Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

Each player gets 3-4 sets of singles for the day. There are no group play-offs and each round-robin winner receives a medal.



Venue: Geelong Lawn Tennis Club

Address: 12-20 Sommers Street, Belmont VIC 3216


Cost: $30 per player


Upcoming Dates (note because of the increased popularity of the event, the next available date might already be full):


Sunday February 4th 2024

Sunday March 3rd 2024

Sunday April 7th 2024

Sunday May 5th 2024

Sunday 2nd June 2024

Sunday 7th July 2024

Sunday 4th August 2024

Sunday 8th September 2024

Sunday 6th October 2024

Sunday 3rd November 2024

Sunday 1st December 2024



18 & under Mixed Singles, with round robin groups based on UTR.

Please enter and pay online via the Tennis Australia tournament website:   (search Geelong to find the events).

If you have any questions as to your child's compatibility for this tournament, please feel free to contact our coaches on (03) 5243 2819.

If you have any questions, please contact our tournament director Jill Pavia:

Mobile: 0417 398 915


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