4 Week Cardio Tennis Fitness challenge

(23 Nov -19 Dec) 

The Cardio Tennis Challenge was created in order to support the health and fitness of our community by getting them involved into a fun fitness challenge.  This 4 to 6 week challenge is designed to motivate our players to significantly increase their level of fitness in a short time by providing accountability, performance tracking as well as a fun motivational environment. 


How does it work: 

Every time, you attend a cardio tennis session, we will Track your numbers of steps and calories burnt and keep a record of it. 

Your number of steps are converted into points and added into a ladder at the end of each week. 

At the end of the 4 week, The best male and female performers will receive a prize. 

Bonus Points: You can also receive bonus points by: 

inviting a friend to a session: 500 points/friend

Sharing about your challenge on Social media : 200 points for each post

Do at least 2 sessions a week : 200 points 

What is the cost: 

Cardio tennis sessions are free for Gold Members. $15 for other membership types and $20 for casuals. 

How to get started: 

All you need to get started is : 

1- book into one of our Cardio Tennis Sessions: Monday 6.15pm, Wed 10.30am & 6pm and Friday 10.30am. 

Call us on 5243 2819 or book online (available for members) 

2- Bring your own fitness tracker. If you don't have a sport watch, you can find some fitness tracker that will track steps and calories burned for about $20. 

Is Cardio Tennis the right program for you. 

Cardio is fitness-focused. It will help you improve your tennis by getting fitter and moving better on the court but it is not a coaching lesson. Cardio is targeted towards low intermediate to intermediate social players. If you're new to tennis, perhaps consider some group lesson first. Not Fit yet? No problems. You can take it at your pace and start improving your fitness. 

Cardio Tennis are high intensity fitness sessions and are not recommended for people with serious injuries, heart rate conditions and pregnant women. 


BOOK YOUR FIRST CARDIO TENNIS - First Lesson is free. 

Call us on 5243 2819 or email us at info@geelonglawntc.com.au


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